Branding + graphic design studio. Based near Alicante, Spain.


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ZZeen is the design practice of Pascal Seen. I was born and raised in The Netherlands, moved to Belgium, and live in Spain for more than 10 years now.

ZZeen is my studio for branding and graphic design, aiming to create clear and simple solutions for visual identities, printed matter and digital media.

ZZeen believes that every brand, organisation and company has a personality and a set of qualities. ZZeen translates these in a fitting visual presence for each project.

That project can be large or small. It can be a logo, or an invitation, or a complete visual identity for your organisation. ZZeen also designs items such as books, magazines, graphics and icons, posters, flyers, advertisements, packaging, signage, websites, email newsletters etc.

ZZeen believes in simple and basic. In clear messages. Order in form and shape. In finding the right mood. ZZeen likes to search, create, chop, mould, shave and reshape to obtain the best form for the message.

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